Financial Information

Tuition Rates 2019-2020


Two-Year-Olds (by Sept 1st):
Co-op:  $2100.00   T/Th
Non-co-op:  $2610.00 T/Th
Co-op: $2760.00 M/T/Th
Non-co-op: $3420.00 M/T/Th
Older Two's (2 by Apr 1st):
Co-op: $2100.00 W/F
Non-co-op:  $2610.00 W/F
Co-op: $2760.00 M/W/F
Non-co-op $3420.00 M/W/F


Three-Year-Olds (by Sept 1st):
3 mornings (M/W/F)  $3710.00
4 mornings (M-Th) $4415.00
5 mornings (M-F)  $4925.00
5 mornings/3 full days (M/W/F) $7500.00
5 full days (M-F) $8550.00
Four-Year-Olds (by Oct 1st):
5 mornings (M-F) $4925.00
5 mornings/3 full days (M/W/F) $7500.00
5 full days (M-F) $8550.00


Five Year Olds (by Oct 1st):
5 full days (M-F) $8670.00
5 half days (M-F) $6000.00


Early birds, lunch bunch or late birds $10/hour

Financial Aid

Tuition support through this program is available to families that have registered for the following year and qualify based on their Adjusted Gross Income on the Income Tax Return Form. Families whose Adjusted Gross Income exceeds $95,000 are not eligible to receive financial aid. Applications for Financial Aid must be submitted by March 1st.   Applications received after March 1st  will be considered on the basis of available funds.  Requests will be considered only after all information has been provided. You will be notified in April of any awards where applicable. Applications for Financial Aid can be obtained from the school administrator and must be completed and submitted annually.  A copy of your W-2 and IRS front page form must accompany your application along with a letter to the committee.  Financial aid shall be granted after the need for such aid has been evaluated by the Preschool Finance Committee.  The Financial Aid policy is subject to change.

Family Discounts

We also offer various discounts for families with two children or more, OPC members, and school employees. Only one discount per family will apply.

Parents and guardians will be held responsible for full payment for the year. 

There are no financial provisions for absence or withdrawal from the program.