Parent Information

The link between home and school is essential. It establishes the understanding that working together supports children’s learning. Parents are invited to become a meaningful part of their child’s educational program. This partnership is accomplished through a variety of year-long collaborative efforts: parent education, parent coffees, monthly newsletters, parent-teacher conferences, student/family activities, class bulletin boards, developmental reports, and parent volunteer programs.

Parents should feel free to contact teachers and administration, communicating through notes or phoning the office and/or teachers whenever they have a question. Teachers may be reached at school by phone between 8:30 to 8:50 AM or after noon dismissal. Every class has an email address as well. Consult your parent handbook. You may send your child’s teacher an email during the school day to All electronic communications will be delivered to teachers’ mailboxes as they are received. Please report your child’s absence when sick or unable to attend school either by calling or emailing the office.

Overbrook Preschool and Kindergarten is greatly enriched by an active Parents’ Association. Every parent is a member by virtue of having a child enrolled as a student. Your involvement in the Parents’ Association is the best way to enrich your whole family’s experience at OPK. There are many activities sponsored by the Parents Association throughout the school year.